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The Mentorship


The Mentorship

You’ve been secretly suffocating in your zone of excellence. And despite loving your clients and being incredibly grateful for the success you’ve had so far, you know you're ready for more.

Whether that means raising your rates, launching your first high-end group program, pivoting and/or letting your biz evolve to the way it wants to...

You crave that next leap.

Maybe you fear people will judge you for it, or that you don’t have the bandwidth to go and create something new... or that you can’t possibly make money doing something that comes so naturally to you. Or maybe you’re afraid to let go of something you’ve work so hard to create. But the truth is that when you are in complete alignment with what you’re selling, to whom & why -- it’s no longer a struggle. You’ll feel lit up again by the work that you do.

And THAT’S when the money comes.

It feels exciting. You can already see how a shift like this in your business will re-ignite the fire you had when you first decided to become a coach.

You may also feel a little nervous about this next stage, because it may mean that you have to let certain parts of yourself go in order to make room what’s next. And with that of course, always comes the fear of judgement.

The secret, however, is that you need to step into those new shoes first.



This means:

  • Owning your message and finally sharing pieces of your story that you've been hiding.
  • Breaking through any upper limits that want to keep you safe exactly where you are.
  • Rewiring beliefs around money that are keeping you from charging a premium for something that comes so naturally to you.
  • Stepping into that next version of you; the coach you desire to be.
  • Getting visible so that the people you’re meant to work with can actually find you.
  • Creating an actual game plan to bring it all to fruition.


You’re done feeling uninspired and not utilizing your gifts to your full capacity.

You’re done spinning your wheels only to stay stuck in the same place.

And you’re sooo over worrying about what anyone else thinks.


In the span of 3 years I’ve gone from struggling to sell $47 detoxes (to anyone who would work with me!) to now having a 6-figure coaching business with a waitlist. I’ve gone from being terrified to have my name and face on my own website to having photoshoots around the world... and hosting this mastermind retreat in LA.

One thing I know for sure, is that when your intuition says it’s time to leap, it’s usually right. In every stage of my evolution as a coach I’ve had to let a part of me go in order to step into that next version of me.

Are you ready to give yourself permission to evolve?

It’s time to take your next leap.

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Copy of Overview


Private Coaching


Copy of Overview


Private Coaching




    Working with Cara has truly been an amazing experience. I have achieved more in the 90 days we worked together than in a full year of private coaching I invested in with another coach!  

    Thanks to her support and accountability, I finally launched my new website (after putting it off for over a year) and love it! She helped give me that tough love just when I needed it to move past my fears and put myself out there.  I also launched a holiday special and promoted it on social media, which was way outside my comfort zone. I now have a whole new sense of clarity around my ideal client and who I’m speaking to which makes social media and marketing so much easier.

    Since launching my two new signature programs last month, I signed a new $2500 client in full and have brought in a total of $8500 in sales. I  am so grateful to Cara for pushing me past my fears and helping me become more visible in my business.  She really cares about her clients.  You’re worth investment and so is she!

    Georgia Brown, FDN & Health Coach at


    In the last year I CREATED 6 figures IN MY BUSINESS and fully-booked OUT my private coaching practice 3 times, with only 267 people on my list.

    After failing my first time around in business in 2014 and going back to my corporate career with my tail between my legs, I was committed to never being in that position again. It came down to (finally!) getting visible, overhauling my wealth consciousness and making my success a non-negotiable. And I want this for you too! 

    If you're drawn to be a coach, it's because you have important work in this world to do. 

    Why 6 months? 

    That's how long it takes to stabilize any kind of income while working through your inner (shall we say...) 'challenges'. That magical '$10K month' every biz coach and their dog are selling right now doesn't mean that's going to be your new salary.

    It takes several months to figure out a system that works for you, and some time (and mindset work) to 'recalibrate' every time you break through your next level. It doesn't have to take a long time, but it certainly doesn't happen overnight.

    I'm not interested in coaching you to become a one-hit wonder.

    What I'm interested in is supporting you in developing a sustainable business model so that your rates and clients can grow with you.

    I'm talking about raising your rates (possibly multiple times!), getting fully-booked (possibly multiple times!), ending the feast or famine cycle (for good!) and positioning yourself as the 'go-to' expert in your niche. 


    The Mentorship

    The Mentorship