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Signature Success 1



Create the Signature Program Only You Can


Signature Success 1



Create the Signature Program Only You Can

 So you've launched your coaching business...

Maybe you've had a few clients, but they've been inconsistent or not ideal.

And as a result, you're left wondering if you're cut out for this biz.

You're sick of hearing:

"Sorry, I can't afford that."

"What is it that you do?"

"Do people really pay you for that?"

"Can't you just tell me what to eat?"

Well here's the good news. You'RE probably attracting the wrong people, OR THE RIGHT ONES ARE PASSING YOU BY.

When you create a unique coaching program that only you can (based on your unique skills and experience) and you clearly articulate in that signature program the solution you provide to solve their #1 pain point, you will attract potential ideal clients. Ones that see the value of your coaching program because it is the exact thing they've been looking for!

And when you learn how to connect with them in an authentic way, that's how you turn 'em into paying clients.

One of the biggest challenges new coaches seem to have is not knowing how to create powerful connection in their communications. As a result they're attracting the wrong people (or none at all).

What's worse, is after a few months of hearing the statements above they give up and pack it in because they think they're not cut out for this business.

Don't worry, I won't let this happen to you!

In the last 3 YEARS I'VE CREATED a Multiple 6 figure BUSINESS and fully-booked OUT my private coaching practice for the first time in 2016 with only 267 people on my list.

It came down to positioning myself as an expert in solving one specific problem, bringing my unique gifts into my work, giving myself permission to let my business evolve as quickly as I was evolving, (finally!) getting visible, overhauling my wealth consciousness and making my success an absolute non-negotiable. And I want this for you too!

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Your Signature Success Formula is an incredible program if you are looking to launch your signature program. The process is clear, easy to follow and definitely not overwhelming. It is clear that there has been an amazing amount research and testing that has gone into creating this program and I felt incredibly safe knowing that if I just follow the process and do the work I will end with my desired result.

Cara knows exactly what you need to focus on to get you where you want to go!

Rachael Dowle, Clarity Coach

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While listening to an online series, I discovered Cara and something clicked. I thought to myself "it would be great to be able to work with her". I took a leap of faith and made the investment with her and she did not disappoint!

Within days, I got clarity on who my ideal client was and created a personal signature program to address my client pain points. Additionally, she worked on my mindset to help me believe in myself and my worth. She taught me that I am worthy and that I can and will write my own story. I'm now ready to serve my clients and guide them to a life of balance. Thanks so very much Cara, it truly was an honor.

Terri BenjaminHolistic Nutritionist & Coach



Your Signature Success Formula


6 WEEKS TO Create, launch (& sell!) the signature program only you can.


Whether you don't yet have a signature program (and you're still selling basic packages of sessions), the one you do have isn't connecting with the clients you truly desire to work with, you're ready to bring more of your unique gifts into your work -- or, you're being called to pivot/and or evolve...


  • Find your unique voice so you can ditch the cookie cutter approach and get your message into the world

  • Get so connected with your ideal client that you know exactly what they're looking for

  • Up-level your money mindset so you can stop under-charging for your expertise and valuable time

  • Create a signature program you actually want to offer and are excited to sell

  • Define your personal brand to attract the right tribe for you

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When I decided to sign up for Cara's 6 Week Mini-Mastermind Program, I was at a complete standstill in my business. I was looking to change the direction of my business, but felt stuck and overwhelmed with how to do that. I was almost ready to throw in the towel until Cara's program popped into my life.

After only 4 weeks into the program, I have confidently defined a vision for my new business, put together my packages/prices and new offerings, and even booked my first 1:1 client (without a sales page no less!). It has been an experience of growth beyond my expectations!

I HIGHLY recommend working with Cara and will be telling all of my business friends to book time with her or get themselves into one of her courses if they are feeling stuck in their business. Cara's calm and confident coaching style was just what I needed to re-ignite my own passion for coaching.

Stephanie LongBusiness Coach for Nutritionists


Signature Success 2



Signature Success 2



What We'll Cover


Your Beliefs & Your Dream Schedule

This is the very first place I have all of my clients start, no matter what stage they are in business!
If  you have any limiting beliefs sabotaging your success or you actually don't have your schedule mapped out as to where you're going to fit all of these new coaching clients, you're going to run into some roadblocks.

The Big U needs to know you're READY to receive.


What You're Selling, to Whom & Why

You cannot skip this step if you want to succeed and not drive yourself insane going in circles with your messaging.

I'm going to walk you through my tried & true interview process that helps you narrow down your ideal client, find out the language they're using (so you can put that on the sales page), PLUS build relationships for possible beta testers once you've mapped out your program.


Pillars, Packages & Pricing

Now that you've talked to real live people (and you're not just grasping at straws), you'll start to put together you signature coaching program structure and your content pillars.

You'll also conduct free coaching calls with your interviewees to cultivate relationships for potential beta testers.


The Art of Connection

Your ideal client needs to feel heard by you in your copy.

You'll craft a sales page for your new program that clearly articulates the A to B transformation that your program is designed to facilitate, that incorporates your story AND that makes your ideal client say 'hey, did she create this just for me!?'


Conversations that Create Clients

You can have the most fabulous program and have a killer marketing strategy -- but your discovery calls don't convert, you're out of luck. 

In this module you'll master discovery call conversations that don't feel icky or sales-y, so that you can stop sabotaging your hard work by energetically blocking potential clients with your fear frequency or simply sucking at discovery calls.


Creating Qualified Leads

Even if you have a lead magnet already, I encourage you to create a NEW lead magnet that will attract your new ideal client and a nurturing email welcome sequence that provides a natural segue into working with you in your coaching program.

i.e., That generic smoothie guide is not going to cut it.


Going Pro!

In this module we'll be talking about launching your program with a live webinar. We'll also explore joint venture partnerships, video, FB ads, contributed content and growing your community with an ongoing social media game plan.

Bonus: Webinar 'How to Guide', demos and sample PPT template included.


Stepping into Your New Shoes

In this bonus module, we're going to discuss your personal brand. Are you showing up as the coach you know you're meant to be?
This workbook will walk you through everything you need to consider to elevate that brand and start attracting a higher-vibe clientele.

Including: Guest Expert training with Jordan Duvall, Brand Strategy Coach on planning your branded photoshoot!

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When I started working with Cara I was scared, overwhelmed, I had the fear of being seen, the emotions of unworthiness from my past and trying to fit into the “normal” online coaching rules. From the beginning, Cara gave me the permission to do what I was passionate about.
Since then, I have created and launched my signature program, two amazing lead magnets, an incredible sales page, a website and a newsletter funnel. I've grown my email list by 500% and my group went from 35 people to 1,300 within 1 month of clarifying my message!  I've also held 2 webinars and have been featured in online summits, podcasts, interviews and courses. 
My visibility has grown exponentially, my confidence has risen, my mindset has changed and my business has grown. I am so grateful to have her as a coach and will forever be thankful for supporting me in every way.

Jaime PallotoloEnergy Coach & Healer



  • A membership site with your orientation materials + 6 weekly modules including video training and workbooks

  • Access to a private Facebook community exclusively for those in the program where you can ask your Qs

  • Guest expert trainings on video, productivity, contributed content, FB ads & branding so you can launch like a pro!

Plus, these incredible bonuses!

  • Sample client agreements and signature program welcome pack, including client on-boarding tech tutorials

  • My tried and true discovery call sales conversations 'how to' guide, including a recorded demo

  • My launch webinar 'how to' guide, including sample recordings and PPT slide templates




$697 USD in FULL

2 payments of $375

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Before I started working with Cara I had no idea how to take my business from in person sessions to the online space and was feeling totally uninspired by the one-on-one coaching I was doing. With her help I was able to hone in on my zone of genius, create and launch an online program that actually lights me up and attracts my ideal clients!

I was able to sign 2 private coaching clients into my signature program as soon as it launched, and I can’t wait to see where I can grow my business from here with Cara’s help!
Her extensive knowledge in building an online coaching business combined with her ability to keep me focused, motivated, and inspired has been invaluable.

Erin Smandych, Transformational Nutrition Coach

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I can't believe how much progress I've made on my business working with Cara and being a part of the mastermind. I was stuck and had been spinning on starting my business. I even tried giving up multiple times and telling myself I could be happy in my corporate job long-term. But this burning desire to get my nutrition coaching business just wouldn't die.

I've purchased some other group business coaching programs but never followed through with them. They never seemed to be quite what I needed and I couldn't seem to keep up with them. I always had to work hard at translating what they were saying and making it applicable to my business and where I was at. Cara was completely different! In my time with her, I went from not having a business to defining my ideal client, designing my coaching package, creating an opt-in offer, writing my e-mail responders, starting my list and signing my first client. She helped me cut through my excuses and get to work.

Kassie Cox, Nutrition Coach

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Cara's Signature Success Formula progam has already been invaluable to me and I'm only 4-weeks in! The program of course supports the development of my signature program, more importantly though it has positively impacted my core beliefs and how I show up for myself and my business. Through this work, I am building a strong foundation that has already lead to increased income and opportunities to serve.

In fact, I signed a new client before my signature program sales page was even up! If you are ready to grow your business and willing to do the work, Cara's program will be hugely beneficial.

Meg Burton Tudman, Mindset Coach

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It was an amazing experience. Truly transformation. Wealth of practical knowledge and tons of extra information. Much more than I expected. I enjoyed the process and love my final products that I created. I see marketing in a different light now. You made it so easy. All I need is to follow your formula step by step. Absolutely love it. Thank you so much!

Marishka Beaty, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

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Working with Cara in her Signature Success Formula program was super helpful to me, even as a veteran coach! I was looking to offer a new way to work with my clients, and to shift the type of clients I was calling in to my practice. Cara’s formula allowed me to strategically and methodically do just that! Having worked with different business mentors before, I found myself asking, “why has no one told me to do this before?!” Cara’s system is simple yet powerful! If you are willing to dive in and do what it takes to get to the next level as a coach, I highly recommend her 6-week program.

Brandi MacKenzie, Transformational Nutrition Coach