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Private Coaching





Private Coaching


So you've launched your coaching business...

Maybe you've had a few clients, but they've BEEN inconsistent or not ideal.

aND As a result, You're left wondering if you're cut out for this biz.

You're sick of hearing:

"Sorry, I can't afford that."
"What is it that you do?"
"Do people really pay you for that?"
"Can't you just tell me what to eat?"

Well here's the good news. You'RE probably attracting the wrong people, OR THE RIGHT ONES ARE PASSING YOU BY.

When you create a unique coaching program that only you can (based on your unique skills and experience) and you clearly articulate in that signature program the solution you provide to solve their #1 pain point, you will attract potential ideal clients. Ones that see the value of your coaching program because it is the exact thing they've been looking for!

And when you learn how to connect with them in an authentic way, that's how you turn 'em into paying clients.

One of the biggest challenges new coaches seem to have is not knowing how to create powerful connection in their communications. As a result they're attracting the wrong people (or none at all). 

What's worse, is after a few months of hearing the statements above they give up and pack it in because they think they're not cut out for this business.

Don't worry, I won't let this happen to you!


    Working with Cara has truly been an amazing experience. I have achieved more in the 90 days we worked together than in a full year of private coaching I invested in with another coach!  

    Thanks to her support and accountability, I finally launched my new website (after putting it off for over a year) and love it! She helped give me that tough love just when I needed it to move past my fears and put myself out there.  I also launched a holiday special and promoted it on social media, which was way outside my comfort zone. I now have a whole new sense of clarity around my ideal client and who I’m speaking to which makes social media and marketing so much easier.

    Since launching my two new signature programs last month, I signed a new $2500 client in full and have brought in a total of $8500 in sales. I  am so grateful to Cara for pushing me past my fears and helping me become more visible in my business.  She really cares about her clients.  You’re worth investment and so is she!

    Georgia Brown, FDN & Health Coach


    In the last year I CREATED 6 figures IN MY BUSINESS and fully-booked OUT my private coaching practice 3 times, with only 267 people on my list.

    After failing my first time around in business in 2014 and going back to my corporate career with my tail between my legs, I was committed to never being in that position again. It came down to (finally!) getting visible, overhauling my wealth consciousness and making my success a non-negotiable. And I want this for you too! 

    If you're drawn to be a coach, it's because you have important work in this world to do. 

    Why 6 months? 

    That's how long it takes to stabilize any kind of income while working through your inner (shall we say...) 'challenges'. That magical '$10K month' every biz coach and their dog are selling right now doesn't mean that's going to be your new salary.

    It takes several months to figure out a system that works for you, and some time (and mindset work) to 'recalibrate' every time you break through your next level. It doesn't have to take a long time, but it certainly doesn't happen overnight.

    I'm not interested in coaching you to become a one-hit wonder.

    What I'm interested in is supporting you in developing a sustainable business model so that your rates and clients can grow with you.

    I'm talking about raising your rates (possibly multiple times!), getting fully-booked (possibly multiple times!), ending the feast or famine cycle (for good!) and positioning yourself as the 'go-to' expert in your niche. 

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    6 Months



    6 Months



    Align & Prosper VIP


    What We'll Cover


    • Discover your WHY, and how you can infuse this into your business.
    • Create a rock-solid morning mindset routine that will keep you high-vibe throughout the day and your confidence unshakeable.
    • Get super-clear on your desires so you can start taking the action required in order to manifest them

    Your Ideal Client

    • We're going deep! What keeps them up at night? We're going to nail down their pain points, needs and desires.
    • Find the people who need you and who are already waiting to buy your services, and how to engage them in an authentic way.


    Systems & Structures

    • Learn how to reverse-engineer your goals and track your results.
    • Create a weekly schedule that feels expansive to you, not restricting.
    • Set money-making action priorities so you always know what to focus on first, and finally stop going in circles
    • Set up an automated funnel to keep your business growing even when you're not working.


    • Go beyond 'teaching' and giving advice and start transforming  lives.
    • Know what questions to ask to help your client uncover their own answers for a transformational experience.
    • Snag my list of transformational coaching questions.



    • Drop the icky feeling  on your sales calls and master the art of the discovery session with my formula.
    • Learn how to overcome objections with ease and grace.
    • Discover how to navigate your sales call and speak about your coaching offer with confidence and excitement!


    • Discover your unique skills and experience that will serve your ideal clients, and package them into a high-end coaching program.
    • Learn how to price your programs and packages confidently, along with a strategy for increasing your rates as your confidence grows.


    Your 6-month program will be fully-customized to your unique needs and current stage in business, focusing on the areas above that you need most.

    • 18 x 60 minute coaching sessions over 6 months
    • Access to my weekly 'Copy Lab' for quick feedback on any marketing communications you're working on that week
    • Access to all of my tracking documents to keep your business running smoothly
    • Access to exclusive monthly guest expert trainings with all of my clients over Zoom 
    • My eyeballs on your business + email support for 6 months

    Plus, you'll receive complimentary access to my 6-week course Your Signature Success Formula which includes:

    • My step-by-step approach for creating (and testing!) your signature coaching program
    • Templates for writing your sales page, lead magnet and email welcome sequence
    • My discovery call guide and sample recordings to walk you through the sales process
    • Templates for your client contracts, welcome packs and tutorials for setting up all the 'tech' pieces
    • My webinar 'how to' guide, including step-by-step set up, sample webinars and slide templates
    • Guest expert trainings on productivity, video, contributed content and personal branding


      $7500 USD IN FULL


    4 payments of $2250

    4 month option is available for $5500 or 4 payments of $1500


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    Apply Now

    Apply Now

    My clients go from feeling 'stuck' in business to feeling absolutely unstoppable.

    More specifically, I help my clients:

    • Master their message and unleash the beautiful (and sometimes untold) story that's been brewing within.
    • Create, launch (+sell!) a signature program so they can attract the people they're meant to help.
    • Go from a shy 'I think I can do this' peep to a loud 'I've sooooooo got this!' roar
    • Up-level their wealth consciousness so they can charge their worth. (Starting where they are and working their way up!)
    • Build their confidence in their particular area of expertise and establish themselves as an expert vs. a generalist.
    • Develop a sustainable business plan to replace their day or bridge job income and become a full-time coach within 6 months.
    • Set up the systems and structures that will allow them to work from anywhere in the world, should they choose to.


    If you're ready to significantly up-level your business in a sustainable (NON-'ONE HIT WONDER') way -- let's chat.

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    Copy of Love Notes









    Copy of Love Notes









    Love Notes

    Untitled design (1).png

    Before I started working with Cara I had no idea how to take my business from in person sessions to the online space and was feeling totally uninspired by the one-on-one coaching I was doing. With her help I was able to hone in on my zone of genius, create and launch an online program that actually lights me up and attracts my ideal clients!

    Working with Cara has been a total game-changer! She helps me create clear goals and identify exactly what steps I need to take to achieve them. She has also been critical in keeping me accountable and on-track with my business. Before working with her I would come up with all sorts of ideas for growing my online business but never take action on them; now I’m able to get super clear on what needs to be done and tackle those tasks consistently!

    The group coaching program was also an amazing opportunity to be able to connect with other coaches building their businesses. Being an entrepreneur can feel very isolating at times, so being able to connect and support each other with everything we were working on and struggling with was so helpful during the process.

    I was able to sign 2 private coaching clients into my signature program as soon as it launched, and I can’t wait to see where I can grow my business from here with Cara’s help! Her extensive knowledge in building an online coaching business combined with her ability to keep me focussed, motivated, and inspired has been invaluable.

    Erin Smandych, Nutrition Coach & Private Chef at

    Untitled design.png

    When I decided to sign up for Cara's 6 Week Mini-Mastermind Program, I was at a complete standstill in my business. I was looking to change the direction of my business, but felt stuck and overwhelmed with how to do that. I was almost ready to throw in the towel until Cara's program popped into my life.

    After only 4 weeks into the program, I have confidently defined a vision for my new business, put together my packages/prices and new offerings, and even booked my first 1:1 client (without a sales page no less!). It has been an experience of growth beyond my expectations!

    I HIGHLY recommend working with Cara and will be telling all of my business friends to book time with her or get themselves into one of her courses if they are feeling stuck in their business. Cara's calm and confident coaching style was just what I needed to re-ignite my own passion for coaching.

    Stephanie Long, Business Coach for Nutritionists at


    Cara's Mini Mastermind Program has already been invaluable to me and I'm only 4-weeks in! The program of course supports the development of my signature program, more importantly though it has positively impacted my core beliefs and how I show up for myself and my business. Through this work, I am building a strong foundation that has already lead to increased income and opportunities to serve.

    In fact, I signed a new client before my signature program sales page was even up! If you are ready to grow your business and willing to do the work, Cara's program will be hugely beneficial.

    Meg Burton Tudman, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach at

    Jaime (2).png

    Before working with Cara I would be up every night until 4AM trying to learn everything there was to learn about building my business and finding paying clients. Freebie after freebie, webinar after webinar, I was so confused by all of the information that I was just spinning around in circles with no direction, no ideal client, no program, no support or even a business.

    When I started working with Cara I was scared, overwhelmed, I had the fear of being seen, the emotions of unworthiness from my past and trying to fit into the “normal” online coaching rules. From the beginning, Cara gave me the permission to do what I was passionate about and truly loved, after going through the process 5x we finally found my perfect niche!

    Since then, I have created and launched my signature program, two amazing Opt-In Freebies, an incredible sales page, a website, and a newsletter funnel. I grew my email list 500%, my group went from 35 people to 1,300 within 1 month. I was able to conduct 2 webinars and was featured in online summits, podcasts, interviews and courses. My visibility has grown exponentially, my confidence has risen, my mindset has changed and my business has grown.

    Cara has always been there to support me, encourage me and push me beyond my limited mind. Having her as an expert not only in business but in copywriting was crucial in my success. Without the support, encouragement, direction and accountability of Cara I would still be spinning my wheels and not living my passionate life.  I am so grateful to have her as a coach and will forever be thankful for supporting me in every way.

    Jaime Pallotolo, Energy Coach & Healer at

    Working with Cara has truly been a huge blessing. I had been struggling to put certain elements of my business in place and in the short time we have worked together she has already helped me to put together my signature programs which I’m over the moon happy with. I’m finally clear on who my ideal client is and how to speak to that person in a way that feels really comfortable for me.

    I’ve signed 3 clients into my program while still in the beta-testing process before my signature programs sales page even went live. That was a huge surprise for me. I was able to raise my rates and feel really good about where that ended up so I can avoid burning myself out and still provide them with the level of service they have come to expect from me!

    Cara is currently helping me to streamline my onboarding process for both my sanity and for ease of navigating that process from the moment they are exploring working with me through the point of signing up and beyond. This allows me to spend less time on those things and to get to the part I LOVE to do the most and that is to coach my clients to live their best lives!

    Cara from the bottom of my heart thank you for walking me through this part of my business building in a way that I’m just thrilled with :)

    Sue Rapley, Health Coach at

    I can't believe how much progress I've made on my business working with Cara and being a part of the mastermind. I was stuck and had been spinning on starting my business. I even tried giving up multiple times and telling myself I could be happy in my corporate job long-term. But this burning desire to get my nutrition coaching business just wouldn't die.

    I've purchased some other group business coaching programs but never followed through with them. They never seemed to be quite what I needed and I couldn't seem to keep up with them. I always had to work hard at translating what they were saying and making it applicable to my business and where I was at. Cara was completely different! In my time with her, I went from not having a business to defining my ideal client, designing my coaching package, creating an opt-in offer, writing my e-mail responders, starting my list and signing my first client. She helped me cut through my excuses and get to work. 

    One of the things I love the most about her is the fact that she's been there - she's started a health coaching biz from scratch and has a lot of valuable insight and resources to offer. The pace of the program was also good for me. It was always a stretch to keep up but I needed that. I told myself I wasn't giving up this time and with Cara's help and the motivation from my mastermind sisters I didn't and I couldn't be more grateful.

    Quitting my 9-5 and working my passion full-time isn't a question anymore. I know it'll be my reality very, very soon. And, I've decided to continue my work with Cara beyond the mastermind so I can keep the momentum going and keep my business growing.

    Kassie Cox, Nutrition Coach at

    Jordan (1).png

    Before working with Cara I was super frustrated with my health and fitness coaching business and had a burning a desire to create a business that would allow me to follow my passion and share my creative gifts with the world. In the past I’d had a jewelry business, a freelance design business, and a photography business and was always stressed out about what to offer my clients, how to find clients, and what to charge. I went around and around in circles trying to figure out my ideal client and never really did the work to hone in on who I am serving and why. As a result, I was anxious, frustrated and disappointed in my results, leaving me believing I could never make my dream of having a successful + aligned business really happen.

    Cara challenged me to go within and dig deep to uncover what I really wanted this business to be. I had to do this exercise 4x. The work was something I had never done before and it birthed my dream business. She goes above and beyond and “gets it” in every respect. If I had not hired Cara I would still be in the same place of spinning my wheels and draining my energy with feelings of unworthiness and compare despair. But now I am bringing to life my dream life + biz and know that it is possible and have support in figuring out the HOW. In fact, I booked a client for my $2500 1:1 signature program just 1 month after working together!

    Investing in myself through Cara's coaching was the best gift I could have ever given to myself. If you are serious and ready to DO THIS THING then take the leap. It’s the best decision you will ever make.

    Jordan DuvallBranding Coach at


    While listening to an online series, I discovered Cara and something clicked. I thought to myself "it would be great to be able to work with her". I took a leap of faith and made the investment with her and she did not disappoint!

    Within days, I got clarity on who my ideal client was and created a personal signature program to address my client pain points. Additionally, she worked on my mindset to help me believe in myself and my worth. She taught me that I am worthy and that I can and will write my own story. I'm now ready to serve my clients and guide them to a life of balance. Thanks so very much Cara, it truly was an honor.

    Terri Benjamin, Chef & Holistic Nutritionist at

    When I decided to set up my online soul coaching business, I realized there were so much that I had to figure out on my own! Joining the mastermind with Cara and meeting my mastermind sisters was the best thing I did! The program was designed to help me set up all the structures I needed for the business. I believe this is the foundation needed to make all things possible at a later stage. It feels so reassuring to have a “home base” that I can return after “fighting a battle” on my own. This is where I can feel safe to share my worries, procrastination, doubts and little celebrations; most importantly I receive loads of love & support! Cara always give very timely and honest reminders on issues that I overlooked, which often helped to push me out of my comfort zone, rewire and reprogram my self-limiting mindset and beliefs.

    I actually did a few videos and FB live, which would probably take a much longer time for me to act on it, if I am on my own! If you think that setting up an online business is easy, be aware that you are also your biggest enemy! You will always need someone to banish that shadow and shine some light on your path. I highly recommend working with Cara if you are looking for some clarity, fun, wit, professional, highly inspiring yet down-to-earth actions and support for your business.

    Karin Tan, Soul Coach at

    Unhappy with my corporate job, I spent a lot of time reflecting about what I wanted to do; what I wanted to accomplish. I was not taking this future career lightly - I wanted to succeed. I decided to work with Cara within a week of starting my nutrition course.

    Having many years experience in corporate marketing and a few entrepreneurial endeavours under my belt, I knew that starting a business from scratch would be difficult; especially in a new industry and as a one-person operation. After my first conversation with Cara, I knew she was what I needed to succeed. She would be the force to keep me on-track and accountable, the peer to bounce ideas off, the mentor to guide me when I felt lost, and the sounding board to lift my spirits when they fell. 

    Without Cara, I would not be where I am today. Currently, I have launched my health coaching programs and am getting paying clients -- all before I have even graduated! When I decided to invest in working with Cara, I was investing in the success of my business. And so far, it has definitely paid off!

    Marcy Nagel, Health Coach at

    Working with Cara has truly been an amazing experience. I have achieved more in the 90 days we worked together than in a full year of private coaching I invested in with another coach!  

    Thanks to her support and accountability, I finally launched my new website (after putting it off for over a year) and love it! She helped give me that tough love just when I needed it to move past my fears and put myself out there.  I also launched a holiday special and promoted it on social media, which was way outside my comfort zone. I now have a whole new sense of clarity around my ideal client and who I’m speaking to which makes social media and marketing so much easier.

    Since launching my two new signature programs last month, I signed a new $2500 client in full and have brought in a total of $8500 in sales. I  am so grateful to Cara for pushing me past my fears and helping me become more visible in my business.  She really cares about her clients.  You’re worth investment and so is she!

    Georgia Brown, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner at


    Working with Cara was hands down the best decision I made in 2016! Before starting our work together I was scattered and unfocused, wasting time on tasks that weren't attracting my ideal client or making any money. Being mentored by Cara allowed me to concentrate on the key aspects that were going to move me forward in my business.

    In the first two months we worked together I was astonished by how much we were able to get done! I developed a freebie that attracts my ideal client, a signature program that I adore, a professional looking sales page that accurately describes me and what I do, and signed three new clients! Not only did we work on the nuts and bolts of my business, but the mindset and manifestation of reaching my goals. This is the reason I booked every client I had a Discovery Session with in December! Cara had my back every step of the way! She is an incredible resource and coach. I can't wait to continue to learn and be mentored by her in 2017.

    Lindsay Young, Transformational Nutrition Coach at

    Before Cara and I started working together, I had already invested in done-for-you programs to launch my online business, without any success. Having her on board was a total game changer! Cara was able to come up with a project plan to keep me organized, and gave me clear direction as to what I should accomplish week to week as so I could avoid overwhelm, which was a major issue when I was trying to do it all myself.

    With her guidance, I honed in on my ideal client, created and launched my signature program, and even recorded my first webinar! I also now have a beautiful, functional website. There is no way I would have done all of this on my own. I had totally underestimated how much I needed someone to cheerlead me through this process, keep me accountable, and help me overcome obstacles (many of which were in my own head).  

    In the past, I would have quit somewhere along the way, but Cara gives me the support I need to push through. She makes the whole process easy, and infuses each step with her characteristic blend of inspiration and wisdom. I'm naturally a more skeptical type of person, but I knew pretty much instantly after we spoke that we had to work together. Take a chance and book a chat with Cara -- invest in yourself through her coaching while you still can!

    Christina DeGiuli, Naturopathic Doctor & Wellness Strategist for Entrepreneurs at

    Before getting on that first call with Cara, I had no idea that I would actually be signing up. Within the first few minutes of our chat I knew I wanted to work with her. From the get-go, Cara was able to identify what my health coaching business needed next and knew exactly how to take it there. Together we set big goals, roadmaps and deadlines - and with her encouragement, I achieved them! It felt incredibly amazing to create a newsletter funnel, launch my signature program AND website in just a few months - especially when I had talked about making a website for an entire year with no action.

    Starting a business from the ground up is not as easy as it may seem. Cara gets it.She gets the industry (having been in it herself), gets marketing, gets mastering your mindset and gets creating connection with her own clients. I am so grateful to have had Cara as my business coach. Her valuable services were exactly what I needed. The only thing I regret is not having done this sooner! Partnering with a great business coach like Cara is super smart, even if you’re still in school or a new graduate.

    Shannon Caton, Digestive Health Coach at

    Working with Cara has been one of the best decisions I've ever made, both for my business and for my sanity. I graduated from my health coaching program in May somewhat overwhelmed and not knowing really where to begin in creating my brand or finding my ideal client. Cara pointed me in the right direction for both, and I have loved having her support to get my feet off the ground. Her prior experience as a project manager really shows because she is always on top of EVERYTHING! I will never understand how she works so well in the chaos of creating a new business from scratch. I can't thank her enough for getting me off the ground and guiding me into this new world of health coaching! To anyone out there who's been wondering whether or not working with Cara is the right move....SIGN UP FOR THE DISCOVERY CALL!

    Brittany Lilos, Transformational Nutrition Coach at

    With Cara's weekly biz mentoring sessions, she has helped me reach my biz goals and stay on-point.  She provided great support and first-hand experience of what it's like to work in the online space as a nutritionist and health coach.  Cara provided me with best practices, tips and tricks to launch my online digestive health coaching program in only a few months - something I initially thought would take me a year to launch.

    I am beyond happy that my new digestive health coaching biz is live and online.  Thanks to Cara, I was able to define and attract my ideal clients, plan and successfully execute my online digestive health program and get clients soon after I launched.  Working with Cara provided me with more clarity on my biz.  She provided me with guidance on how to create my signature online nutrition and health coaching program and helped me great through my limitations. 

    Laura De Sanctis, Holistic Nutritionist & Digestive Health Coach at

    Making the decision to work with Cara is one of the best choices I have ever made. Before we started working together I was honestly all over the place and so confused about how to start up my business. I literally had no clue. I was so scared, overwhelmed and worried that I was going to fail and mess up. I didn't know what direction to take and was basically questioning whether or not I could even do it. But after our first session everything changed. Cara instantly made me feel so at ease and I felt excited, safe, supported and empowered! It was incredible. She just gets it and is so knowledgeable. The whole experience has been wonderful so far and we have only just begun. I have gained so much confidence in myself and have made more progress in the last month working with Cara than I have in the past year on my own

    Nadia Rybalka, Holistic Nutritionist at


    Words cannot express how grateful I am to be working with Cara. Within two sessions of working with her, I booked 13 calls with potential clients! Before connecting with Cara I was fearful of taking action, because I felt as though I did not have the tools I needed.

    Cara gives you those tools. It can initially feel scary to invest in yourself, but this is by far one of the best investments I've ever made for my business and myself. Take a deep breath. Allow yourself to be lovingly supported. Cara has your back!

    Anna Frumkin, Holistic Nutritionist at

    When I first came across Cara, I was completely stuck and getting more and more frustrated trying to start my health coaching biz, and beginning to doubt that it would ever be successful. I found Cara’s website and booked a discovery call on a whim. After speaking with her for the first time I knew she was the answer and I had to find a way to work with her.

    Cara took me step by step through each process, and with her tools and guidance I was able to narrow down my ideal client and get super clear on what I wanted to coach on. Beyond that, Cara has helped me with all the “behind the scenes” things that go along with starting an online business, that I would otherwise be completely lost with. I am now very close to launching my online program and feel confident and excited to coach! 

    Micah Robshaw, Health & Lifestyle Coach at

    Cara is an incredible coach and such a genuine soul. When I came to her, I was feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what my next steps should be. Cara provided so much love and support from the first time we spoke. Within our short time together, I've gained clarity around my message, crafted value-packed offerings for my audience, grown my email list, booked multiple discovery calls, and signed two new paying clients! I've also experienced a huge shift in my mindset and confidence.

    Without her support and guidance, I would still be spinning my wheels and feeling stuck. I HIGHLY recommend Cara to any new coach, she's amazing!

    Kim Perry, Business Strategist at

    I am so glad I made the decision to invest in mentoring with Cara. I cannot believe how much was accomplished in just 4 months with her... designed a signature program, targeted ideal clients, set up strategies to consistently build my brand, set up a newsletter, created a website. Not only did Cara walk me through all the steps to get these systems and structures in place, she made me realize that I can run a successful business in a much shorter time period than I would have thought! Her genuine nature puts you at ease every time you work with her.  She's thorough, organized and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure you are on the right track. I am thrilled to say that I now have paying clients and am excited to see what the future will bring! Thank you sincerely for all your mentoring and support. You are amazing at what you do!

    Jodie Owen, Life Coach & Spiritual Mentor at

    I can’t say enough good things about Cara! My time working with her has been wonderful, and it’s definitely the best decision I’ve made for my business. Cara was referred to me at a time where I felt very stuck as far as the direction my business was heading, and from our first call together I felt a whole new wave of inspiration and motivation. Specifically, Cara helped me get super clear on my niche, custom 1:1 coaching program, re-vamp of my website, and creating an awesome opt-in freebie and email welcome series. I can’t believe all I’ve accomplished in working with her! My business took a complete 180 and I ended up signing two new clients! I can’t imagine where I would be without her, and I’m so thankful she has been my coach!"

    Chelsea Gross, Transformational Nutrition Coach at

    I've had three sessions so far with Cara and can already tell a shift in my confidence as a coach and my direction for my business. After my first session, I booked 10 calls with ideal clients to discuss their struggles and health goals. I'm now well on my way to developing my signature program - along with a sales and marketing strategy that will actually allow me to book ideal clients."

    I couldn't be more thrilled to be working with her and the progress that I've made!

    Brooke Montgomery, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach at

    Working with Cara has been amazing and has given me so much clarity in my business. Prior to working with Cara I was really stuck on who my ideal client was. Not having this clarity really hindered my ability to effectively connect with my ideal client and had me "throwing spaghetti to the wall". Cara truly is the master of connection.

    My 'AHA' moment came during our full-day intensive where we finally pinned down who my ideal client was. The intensive was instrumental in achieving this. The value in having her one on one attention to get down to the nuts and bolts of my business saved me months of figuring things out on my own!

    After that everything just fell into place. In the matter of 3 short months I created a brand new freebie (which tripled the number of people on my list!), reconfigured my 12 week program sales page, created a brand new 30 day program, and created a brand new sales funnel through my new group fitness class which has funnelled  new clients into my private coaching packages.

    Working with Cara has given me the clarity I need to really connect with my desired audience, be efficient with where I'm investing my time and effective in my communication.

    Melanie Dardanou, Fitness & Lifestyle Coach at

    I was going in circles with my ideal client even after knowing I wanted to focus on gut health and food sensitivities, which is what I had struggled with myself. Cara helped me finally get clear on how my personal story fit into the equation and how to create a connection with my ideal client in my marketing and newsletters. We made-over my freebie to something I absolutely love for my ideal client, along with a welcome sequence to go along with it. We also updated my sales page and signature program and I'm so happy to send people to my site!

    Jennifer Geiss, Food Sensitivities Coach at

    Cara beautifully combines inspiration, motivation and knowledge. She is a joy to work with because she is so passionate about helping people live the life of their dreams. Hands-down Cara knows her sh*t and she makes you feel fully supported at all times.

    I got to a point in my business where I knew that I needed help or my business wasn't going to work for me. I was looking for a coach to keep me accountable, support me where I struggled and help me to get clear about the direction of my business. Cara did it all and more. With her support and guidance she not only kept me on track, but she did it with expert skill while actively listening, being flexible and providing me with resources to stay balanced and move forward.

    She is someone who truly cares about you and your business and works just as hard as you do to make your dreams come true.

    Lisa McKenna, Yoga Instructor & Course Creator at