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APM Mastermind 1





Align & Prosper Mastermind




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APM Mastermind 2

APM Mastermind 2


I'm Cara, a Success Coach for EARLY-STAGE (&EVOLVING!) COACHES who are ready to ditch the drama and finally step into the shoes of the leader they're meant to be.


In the span of 3 years I've gone from selling $47 detoxes (to anyone who would work with me!) to being fully booked with private clients, running high level group programs and running mastermind retreats around the world.

I've also gone from being terrified to even show up on a live Zoom call to being featured on summits, running webinars and regularly filming video.

After failing my first time around in business in 2014 and going back to my career in advertising with my tail between my legs and then getting fired, I was committed to never being in that position again. 

Never again would I let my own dreams die while I hustled my ass off to support someone else's.

It came down to (finally!) getting visible, overhauling my wealth consciousness and making my success an absolute non-negotiable.

And I want this for you too! 

If you feel called to your work as a coach, it's because you have important work in this world to do. I mean, you didn't go through all of that for nothing.  It’s time to stop apologizing for your greatness, by sabotaging your success.  It's time to stop playing small and to step into the shoes of the leader you know you’re meant to be.

And it's absolutely time to change the belief that you can't be a healer, and make money too.


APM Mastermind 3

APM Mastermind 3




Align & Prosper Mastermind



This Mastermind is right for you if you’re a health, life or business coach in your first year or two of business.

You have an existing online coaching business with active paying clients, but perhaps they've been inconsistent or not ideal. You’re ready to up-level to $10K+ months or create your first 6-figure year by the end of  2018. 

This may include refining your message to attract a new ideal client, raising your private coaching rates, launching a group program, creating an evergreen course or even running your own mastermind retreats around the world!

You're also ready to end the feast or famine cycle, ditch the excuses and step into the shoes of the leader you were put on this planet to be. 

You wouldn't have gone through all of that unless you were being tested for this exact role, my friend.



"Within a week of returning from the mastermind retreat in Miami, I had a record $35K month by booking 8 private coaching clients into my new premium package and 28 clients into my group program."

Cynthia Thurlow

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"Life and business before working with cara looked like confusion for me. Cara provided a ton of clarity with a process that's easy to follow but doesn't feel restrictive or contained."

Jen Wood



What We'll Cover

While we won't be following a set curriculum in terms of weekly topics, you'll receive advanced level training and resources on the following areas that I believe are truly critical to going to the next level in your business. Group coaching calls are 'open coaching', meaning that all training materials will be available on the membership site and you are welcome to be any questions to our group coaching calls that will be of support to you that week.


We'll be doing a deep dive into your mindset, around to ensure you're not self sabotaging along the way. I'll also be calling you out on your language to ensure you're not hardwiring unhelpful beliefs about money.


We're going to get super-clear on what you're selling, to whom and why. Story-telling is one of my superpowers and you'll have my eyes on your content to support you in connecting with your ideal client.


You're going to get super visible so that your ideal clients can find you! I'll be supporting you with creating webinars, workshop, video and growing your list beyond your basic lead magnet sales funnel.

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You'll be creating your dream schedule, building a support team and identifying areas of personal development to focus on during our time together. It's time to step into the shoes of the coach you're meant to be.


While it's entirely possible to create a 6-figure business with one offer and a small list (I did!), we're going to explore group programs and courses that will help you leverage your time and energy.


You'll never feel sales-y again once you master the art of creating a powerful coaching experience with your prospective clients. And since you'll be carefully pre-qualifying your leads your conversion will skyrocket.



"Working with Cara has been one of the best business decisions I have made in my 16-year career as a Doctor. If you work with Cara I have no doubt you will move forward in your business in many ways. "

Glenna Calder




"One of the best things I've gotten out of working with cara is really honing in on my message and my brand. I've raised my prices, i'm working with clients longer, and continuing to attract my ideal clients. i feel so much more confident now."

Chelsea Gross


APM Mastermind 4

APM Mastermind 4


What You'll Receive:


My dedicated eyes & ears on you and your business for 6 months.

This 6 month mastermind includes a hybrid of both group training and individualized laser coaching support. 

6 x 90-min GROUP MONTHLY GOAL SETTING sessions

Accountability is key.

We'll meet the first week of each month to get clear on (and declare!) your goals for the month ahead so you can put that ManifestAction plan into action.


12 x 90-min GROUP cOACHING calls (BI-WEEKLY)

This is open coaching, meaning there is no set curriculum. While I may bring a topic to the table at the start of the call, I will be there to support you with whatever you need support with that week -- whether that be your messaging, mindset, manifesting, visibility, strategy, sales, team etc.



The support of a powerhouse mastermind 

of coaches going after the same dream. 

A Membership Site for all of the 'teaching' pieces

You'll receive advanced training on creating webinars, launching both live and evergreen group programs, courses & hosting mastermind retreats. All of the 'teaching' pieces will be provided via video training to ensure that our group coaching sessions are purely for coaching and focused on moving your forward.

(You'll also receive complimentary access to the Your Signature Success Formula membership site.)


Receive 6 live guest expert trainings on the topics of productivity habits for 6-figure entrepreneurs, on camera confidence, up-levelling your brand and automating your business with evergreen funnels.

(You'll also receive access to my vault of 10+ previous guest expert trainings.)


Stay connected with me and your mastermind sisters for extra accountability and support between sessions.


Plus, we'll meet for a 3-day mastermind retreat in Miami November 28-30!



Mastermind Only

$6000 USD in full or 6 payments of $1199

Mastermind + VIP

(incl. 6 x 60 min private sessions)

$7500 USD in full or 6 payments of $1500


10 spaces only!


Due to the intimate nature of this group, I will be thoroughly reviewing applications and conducting discovery calls to ensure best fit based on current stage of business, energetic frequency and personality.


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"a few months ago, i was feeling uninspired and stuck. Now i have a vision on where i'm going with my business."

Brooke Montgomery



"Shortly after joining the mastermind, I signed my highest paying client to date and she's a perfect fit!"

Meg Burton Tudman


APM Mastermind 5

APM Mastermind 5

Meet Your Guest Experts


I've secured 6 incredible guest experts to help support you in taking your business to the next level. These ladies are all 'go to' experts in their field and are here to provide you with training on productivity, FB ads, branding considerations, legal structure, evergreen funnels and video visibility.



Serena Sandstrom

Business Success Coach & creator of Coaches MBA


Serena's here to teach you how you can scale your business by creating evergreen webinars to sell your courses and programs without ever launching.


Elizabeth De Moraes

Coach & creator of The Video Glam Cam Kit™


Elizabeth's here to teach you the on camera skills needed for doing live and recorded video, so you can unleash your inner celebrity and finally get visible.



Productivity Coach & creator of Wildly Successful Society


Jo's here to teach you everything you know to do more in less time, so you can become the wildly successful entrepreneur you know you're meant to be.



Brand Coach & Creator of Ignite Your Soul Brand


Jordan's here to to help you align your mission with your message and translate your essence into a professional, well-respected, beautiful and abundant brand.


sam vander weilen

Attorney turned Entrepreneur


Sam's here to walk you through all of the foundations (including contracts, policies & GDPR!) you need in place to have a legally legit business.

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Mia Gahan

FB Ads Strategist For Coaches


Mia's here to help you navigate through Facebook's Ads Manager so that you can confidently use FB Ads to grow your email list and consistently book new clients. 


If you're done spinning your wheels only TO STAY in the same place (or OF growing at a snail's pace!), it's time to get the support you need to go from hobby COACH TO WILDLY SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS OWNER.


By the end of 6 months, you will:

  • Have absolute clarity on your message and full confidence in what you're selling to whom, and why
  • Discover your signature success formula for consistently creating ideal clients and increasing your income to $10K+ months
  • A game plan for filling your private coaching practice and raising your rates (maybe multiple times!)
  • Feel super-super confident in your sales conversations so you're never nervous going into a discovery call again 
  • Get super visible! With webinars, live video, workshops and getting featured on podcasts and summits
  • Launch a group program, online course or mastermind of your own (or automate the program you already have)
  • End the self-sabotage by mastering your mindset around money, success and any fears about what you've been put here to do
  • Create life-long friendships with a powerful group of other coaches who understand what you're going through and will have your back along the way.


"I was able to do a $10K month, which was previously absolutely impossible to me. I never thought that would be a thing!"

Erin Smandych