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All calls will be held at 9am PST/12pm EST unless otherwise noted.

Origin Story Bonus Call: TBD (late June)

Serena Sandstrom: TBD (July)

Group call #10: Fri, June 15

Group call #11: Fri, July 6

Group call #12: Fri, July 20

Recommended Reading:

The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D. Wattles

The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks

You are a Badass at Making Money, by Jen Sincero

The Prosperous Coach, by Rich Litvin & Steve Chandler


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APM Program Menu


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Password to view video is 'prosper'.

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Step 2: Map out your 2018 financial goals using the income projection calculator

Step 3: Create your new schedule based on desired clients and time for any additional program creation over the next 90-days to 6 months

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APM Signature Success

APM Signature Success

Your Signature Success Formula

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Part 1:

Your Beliefs

Part 2:

Your Dream Schedule

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What You're Selling, to Whom & Why

You cannot skip this step if you want to succeed and not drive yourself insane going in circles with your messaging.

I'm going to walk you through my tried & true interview process that helps you narrow down your ideal client, find out the language they're using (so you can put that on the sales page), PLUS build relationships for possible beta testers once you've mapped out your program.


Pillars, Packages & Pricing

Now that you've talked to real live people (and you're not just grasping at straws), you'll start to put together you signature coaching program structure and your content pillars.

You'll also conduct free coaching calls with your interviewees to cultivate relationships for potential beta testers!


Creating Qualified Leads

Even if you have a lead magnet already, I encourage you to create a NEW lead magnet that will attract your new ideal client and a nurturing email welcome sequence that provides a natural segue into working with you in your coaching program.


The Art of Connection

Your ideal client needs to feel heard by you in your copy.

You'll craft a sales page for your new program that clearly articulates the A to B transformation that your program is designed to facilitate, that incorporates your story AND that makes your ideal client say 'hey, did she create this just for me!?'


Conversations that Create Clients

You can have the most fabulous program and have a killer marketing strategy -- but your discovery calls don't convert, you're out of luck. 

In this module you'll master discovery call conversations that don't feel icky or sales-y, so that you can stop sabotaging your hard work by energetically blocking potential clients with your fear frequency or simply sucking at discovery calls.

Bonus: You'll also receive a recorded discovery call demo, tech demos for setting up your packages in Acuity or Satori, as well as a sample client contract and welcome pack.


Launching like a pro!
In this module we'll be talking about launching your program with a live webinar. We'll also explore joint venture partnerships, video, FB ads, contributed content and growing your community with an ongoing social media game plan.

Bonus: Webinar 'How to Guide', demos and sample PPT template included.


Stepping Into Your New Shoes

In this bonus module, we're going to discuss your personal brand. Are you showing up as the coach you know you're meant to be? This workbook will walk you through everything you need to consider to elevate that brand and start attracting a higher-vibe clientele.

Including: Guest Expert training with Jordan Duvall, Brand Strategy Coach on planning your branded photoshoot!